1. What are pests?
2. Why are they pests?
3. How can I prevent a pest problem?
4. If I notice some pest activity (e.g. rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, insects), what should I do?
5. Where can I find more information on the various pests?
6. Are high rise building safe from pests?
7. Should I treat my apartment/house when my neighbour doesn’t treat his?
8. Do we have to vacate the premises when treatment is carried out?
9. Are all the chemicals that are going to be used on my premises for vector control approved by the Pesticide Board, (PB) Jabatan Pertanian, Jln Sultan Salahuddin, 50480 K.L.
10. What is fumigation?
11. Are pest management field staff qualified?
12. How do I go about selecting a pest management company?
13. Would a pest management company be able to respond to my pest problem on the phone?
14. How do I judge if the price quoted is reasonable?
15. I saw a small insects flying into my house at night and attracted to the fluorescent lights. What should I do?
16. What are the tell tales signs of subterranean termites?
17. If I find termites (“white ants”) on my property ‘should I just spray them with a can of insecticide?
18. What should I do if I see ants running in my kitchen?
19. What are the tell tales signs of cockroaches?
20. Can I get rid of cockroaches easily with spray?
21. What are the tales sign of rodents?
22. I experience mosquito bites from time to time. What should I do to prevent mosquito breeding at home?
23. I saw some tiny insects resting on walls next to my air conditioning unit. What are these insects and are they harmful?
24. How do the professionals keep pest birds from their roosts and perches?
25. About termites
26. How do I know if the materials that a pest control operator is using are safe?
27. Why should I hire a professional pest control operator when I can do it myself?

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