Executive Committee


President’s Message

Dear members of PCAM,

First of all, as the newly elected President of PCAM (2015-2017) I would like to say thank you to all the members who have supported me and voted for me as President. When I offered myself to stand as the candidate, I asked myself, what is my point and objective in contesting for this position?

The answer to that is, I want to strengthen the position of PCAM in the eyes of our members, the society, and the government authorities. I believe this will improve and safeguard our industry. Of course, we will continue with the current programs and eventually will improve and upgrade from time to time to meet the demands of the industry and to suit the needs of our members. However, I have some ideas which I shall discuss with my learned exco members and hope to gain approval in the future.



    At present, we have around 180 registered members. In reality, there are many more licensed pest control operators not registered as members of PCAM. We do not know what is the reason why they do not want to register as the members of PCAM. Perhaps they are not aware of the existence of PCAM. Therefore, I would like to organize a membership drive program to explain to them the objectives of the association and the benefits that they will get should they become members to give them a reason why they should register. We shall liaise with the Pesticide Board and we will get all the relevant information and data of all the licensed pest control operators in Malaysia in order to ensure success of our membership drive program. We hope with this program, we can increase the numbers of our members.


    Previously, in 2014 PCAM has successfully organized PEST SUMMIT 2014. In September 2015, PCAM shall be organizing FAOPMA in Penang. No doubt that these international events have put Malaysia in the limelight to the world. Tentatively on March 2016, we are planning to hold a national conference on urban pest management. The main objective of this conference is to highlight important and local issues on urban pest management. We hope this conference shall highlight important issues on Malaysian urban pest management and our members can gain benefit from this program. We plan to invite prominent speakers from local universities, government authorities and also from the industry to discuss and champion some of the current issues with the industries.


    As the newly elected President, with the new line up, we will try to organize visits to all the relevant local authorities and government agencies. The objective is to introduce PCAM as the representative of the industry. We wish to highlight and campaign on many issues, for example, issues on illegal pest control operators, issues on pest control being the sub-contractors despite having all the relevant licenses and many more. We are all aware, however, that this obstacle cannot be settled in a day, but I think PCAM has to make the first move to highlight the important issues affecting the industry.

    To all FAOPMA dalegates from all around the world. Welcome to Malaysia, we hope you will enjoy your stay here. Thank you to the organizing committee for their hard work and effort in ensuring the success of this event. Lastly, given the said plan, please note that I do not have a magic wand to change things in a day but as a leader, if these plans are approved by the Exco members and supported by everyone, I will commit to all our planning. I need to discuss with the Exco members and come out with more ideas in order to safeguard the interest of the industry, to tackle current issues and to make PCAM move forward as always. I humbly attach the list of PCAM’s new Exco members for your attention. We hope for a strong support from the members in order to see PCAM achieve success. Verily, the success of PCAM is the success of everyone.

Thank you.

Tajudin Abd Kadir
President (2015/2017)
The Pest Control Association of Malaysia